Right in the center of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Valley of Tracian Kings, there is a place called “Sunny Site”- an inspiration for a team of men and women who want to make a change. A change that will transform the way people think about living.

It has all started with a dream. A dream of living a life full of meaning, a life filled with joy and sharing, a life worth giving. And so we have started building “Sunny Site”, а place where everyone will have the chance to come and see that a life connected to Mother Nature is still possible. A life where we can all remember how to build our own homes according to the sacred shapes of existence. A life where we can grow our own clean food. A life where we can produce our own green energy giving the chance to Mother Earth to heal itself.

The main objective of the project is to renew the relationship of human beings with nature and its embedded born awareness of how to communicate well with her, and with people and the world around us. Obviously, the more people start looking for that connection that can be restored by the very act of cohesion and unity with the Earth.

Conscious living project aims to harness in action and work all known methods for the resumption of this connection by experimenting aims to create new ones breaking the current model that no longer serve us.


Creativity is embedded in each person and it is clear that the urban environment is not helping its development and full implementation. There are no basic understanding of the necessary symbiosis that exists between people and nature, between the unlimited internal potential and its use in the external world in which it is expressed.

“Sunny Corner” is far from the idea to be another hotel where to rest from our daily duties in the city. It is where we can create our own reality through action, based on the immutable laws that exist whether we follow them consciously or not. One of these laws is the one of love and freedom that exclude any violence on other living beings. Because of this in “Sunny Corner” we produce only plant food. Our guests will have the opportunity to be actively involved in its preparation, understanding how easy it is to prepare tasty and nutritious vegetarian food.

We are aware that it is necessary to devote enough attention to the construction and facilities which will welcome some of those who wish to experience life in communion with nature and understand how satisfying and energizing it may be. 


So far we have finished one of the domes where we can host between four and six people.

Why dome structures?

Because we started to exist in spherical womb of our mothers and intuitively know that they are the best possible homes in which to dwell. Because sphere is one of the most perfect forms in the Universe. Because they are easy and quick to build. And not least because they are affordable.

Manufacturing our own green energy is essential and the project also envisages the building of autonomous solar and hydro turbine system to cover all basic needs of residents and guests in “Sunny Corner”.



“Sunny Corner” is uniquely positioned (18 km away from the town of Kazanlak and 10 km from Pavel Banya) and the area around it is very rich in natural and historical landmarks. Nearby you may find dozens of waterfalls between 20 and 120 meters high.  You may observe as well a variety of wild animals, as within Europe the area is counted as one with the largest number of different bird species.

If you wish to help us building Sunny Site Project, your donation will be gladly accepted:

First Investment Bank- Bulgaria

IBAN: BG10FINV91501016129460



  • Conscious Living Project is a Way of Life.
  • Taking Personal Responsibility for Our Own Destiny.
  • Relationship with the Energy of Nature.
  • Conscious Living Project is a Creative Beginning.
  • The Freedom To Be Yourself.
  • A Harmony in Communication between Human Beings.
  • Project “Conscious Living” is all of that and…



Georgi Zhekov
Georgi Zhekov

One of the things that brings me ultimate satisfaction is sharing my own path and how did i get to the present moment of now, what I’ve learned on the way and how I can add value to the world. I sincerely believe that the only way to develop our own core essence, is to help others do the same! 

Gradimir Yovtchev
Gradimir Yovtchev

What matters to me most is connection between human beings and all three other kingdoms of mother Earth- mineral, plant and animal. I truly believe that a harmonious existence between us totally depends on this sacred connection.